About Con


From humble beginnings in Greece, Con Makris immigrated to Australia in the 1960’s. Working 7 days a week, he soon established his own fish ‘n chip shop, and over the coming years, developed a retail portfolio including a chain of chicken shops and several supermarkets. This was the genesis of the Makris Group.

In the early 1980’s Con sold his chain of chicken shops and acquired his first shopping centre in Adelaide. The success of this business grew quickly based on Con’s ability to identify properties and accurately read an area and its demographics. Con purchased properties with good existing cash flow, but with redevelopment opportunities. His aim was to develop centres, which were aesthetically pleasing but also encapsulated the underlying strategy to make it a successful shopping destination.

By the early 2000’s a number of smaller development projects such as the construction of Northgate Village and expansion of Bonnyrigg Plaza in Sydney had been completed, however, Con’s first major redevelopment project began in 2004 with the $25 million redevelopment of the City Cross Shopping Centre. City Cross provided unique, fresh, retail architecture to the Adelaide scene and established Adelaide’s finest international food court.

Today, Makris Group is South Australia’s leading privately owned property group with an internal management team led by CEO John Blunt. The Group includes shopping centres in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland. The business has become a major player in the Australian retail property market and continues to expand with a focus towards sub-regional centres and lifestyle retail precincts.

Con’s hardwork, determination and sound ethics have crafted the Makris Group into the substantial business that it is today. Known for his energy, commitment and passion for retail property, the future continues to look bright for the 16 year old who came from Greece looking to make just enough to travel back home.